MESA FiveM Roleplay is a newly developed community, designed, coded, and nurtured by huge fans of FiveM Roleplay. Having delved deeply into this type of gameplay, as a group of friends we have decided to create our own roleplay community by taking the most exciting and intriguing features we have experienced ourselves and combining them all together in our image of eccentric but astonishingly amazing roleplay experience.

However, with all these ideas, we require support from you, the community, to help fund our endless endeavors of improving and adding to our community and servers. We have numerous expenses to pay for such as:

  • The dedicated server itself in which the FiveM server is hosted on
  • Separate development servers
  • Discord Bots
  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Script development
  • Misc. Tools
  • FiveM license to increase our server slots/Raise server ranking

We are very grateful if you do decide to support us and become a part of our rapid community progression! 

IP: Mesa.gg

Discord: discord.gg/9jmJQ88